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Factors That May Affect The Amount Of Sleep You Get

Every night, everyone goes to bed at one point, some earlier than others, but not everyone gets the same amount of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are different hours of sleep needed for different ages, but for most adults, the average stays the same throughout the years and that’s between 7-9 hours. According to doctor Adolfo Kaplan, there are two different things that can affect the amount of sleep you get each night. External variables outside of your body, and internal functions inside your body. The amount of sleep you get can affect your health and...

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High Levels Of Stress May Cause Mental Issues

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, state on their website that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness, in the U.S. It affects 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older. Experts say this type of disorder is treatable, but only around 37 percent of those affected get help. It can affect your cardiovascular system, give you high blood pressure, increase your risk of diabetes, obesity, and depression. While working out can help do away with some of the symptoms, it’s also important to be mentally balanced. Experts say life brings stress and it’s not going away,...

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