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Experts Warn of Phone Scams

McAllen (KFXV) — Phone calls from an unknown number asking for money — that’s what one man from the valley claims happened to him. He recorded the conversation and wants to warn our community to avoid falling prey to scammers during tax season. We spoke to a man who nearly became a victim of a phone scam. Experts say the first thing to do is to take control of the situation. This McAllen resident says he was even provided with a case number so he decided to make the phone call worried that he may be in any kind...

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Border Patrol Supervisor Pleads Guilty to Stealing Dead Grandmother’s Social Security Benefits

A Border Patrol supervisor pleads guilty to stealing his dead grandmother’s social security benefits. 54-year-old James Doran entered his guilty plea today in a Laredo courtroom. At the hearing, Doran admitted he failed to report his grandmother’s death to the social security administration after her death in February of 2000. From that date until august 2011, Doran illegally collected more than one hundred thousand dollars. He now faces up to 10 years in federal...

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More than 600 Hidalgo County Families Apply for Aid with FEMA

FEMA first opened the emergency disaster relief center about two weeks ago. Since then more than 600 families have applied for aid. Despite today’s rain, hundreds of families stood in line with hopes of receiving federal funds and fix the damages caused to their homes from the recent storms. Umbrellas and jackets came in handy this morning, while many valley families waited for FEMA to attend their needs. Johnny Aleman’s home has been flooded for the past two weeks; the still water has left a foul odor, so much so that he prefers to camp in his truck. This,...

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Hackers See Rewarding Targets In Health Care Companies

Health care is a treasure trove for criminals looking to steal reams of personal information, as the hacking of a database maintained by the second-largest U.S. health insurer proves. The latest breach at health insurer Anthem Inc. follows a year in which more than 10 million people were affected by health care data breaches – including hacking or accidents that exposed personal information, such as lost laptops – according to a government database that tracks incidents affecting at least 500 people. The numbers, compiled by the Department of Health and Human Services, show that last year was the worst...

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One in Ten Americans Can’t Afford to Take Prescribed Medication

Nearly one in ten American adults doesn’t take their medications as prescribed, because they can’t afford it. Researchers used data from the two-thousand-thirteen national health survey overall they found nearly eight percent of adults admitted to not taking medication as recommended due to high costs. Insurance was a key factor in whether patients took their medications as prescribed. Among adults younger than sixty-four — six percent with private insurance skipped medications to save money, compared to more than ten percent of those on Medicaid and fourteen percent of uninsured patients. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services suggests if you’re trying to save money on prescription drugs. Take generic or other lower-cost medications, choose an insurance plan that offers additional drug coverage, or apply to Medicare and social security for help in reducing costs. You can find more information on this study in the national center for health statistics data...

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