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Sessions said he didn’t lie under oath, says Trump hasn’t influenced Justice Department

Image License Photo: Brigitte N. Brantley / DoD Photo: Shane T. McCoy / US Marshals 14 NOV 17 16:48 ET By Tal Kopan, CNN (CNN) — President Donald Trump’s repeated public comments attacking the Justice Department have not influenced the department or ongoing investigations, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday during a contentious House judiciary committee hearing. During his five hours of testimony before 40 lawmakers on Tuesday, Sessions repeatedly defended himself and his department as honest and free of political influence, as Democrats and Republicans hammered him with questions on the ongoing Russia investigation and matters related to...

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Sessions directs prosecutors to look into uranium deal, Clinton Foundation

Image License Photo: Barbara Kinney / Hillary for America 13 NOV 17 22:40 ET By Sophie Tatum and Laura Jarrett, CNN (CNN) — US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked senior federal prosecutors to “evaluate certain issues” presented by House Republicans, including alleged ties between the Clinton Foundation and the sale of Uranium One. The Obama-era sale of the Canadian uranium mining company to Russia’s Atomic Energy Agency,¬†Rosatom, is already being investigated¬†by House Republicans. The deal was approved in 2010, when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. Although the claims have not been proven, some Republicans, including President Donald...

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