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New Chief Patrol Agent in RGV Sector

The U.S. border patrol has named a new chief to the Rio Grande valley sector. Kevin w. Oaks has been appointed as the New Chief Patrol Agent of the RGV sector and officially entered on duty in his new position this week replacing Chief Patrol Agent Rosendo Hinojosa, who retired in January 2014. Oaks will manage more than 3,000 border patrol agents, oversee 9 stations and three traffic checkpoints, plus an intelligence office. Oaks served as the Operations Division Chief in Washington, D.C. and has been with the agency for 29 years. He is also a former U.S....

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Last Abortion Clinic in RGV closes its Doors

Whole Woman’s Health, the last abortion clinic in the Rio Grande Valley has closed its doors amid protests. “We won’t forget” that’s what women of the valley where chanting today outside the whole women’s health clinic located in downtown McAllen. What they referred to, is the number of women that will no longer have access to medical care at a lost cost and most controversial then they won’t have access to an abortion. The closure was due to guidelines required by a law known as house bill number 2, which came into effect. Nineteen clinics have been closed throughout the state leaving only 24 clinic left in the state of Texas. Now women of the Valley will have to travel to San Antonio to receive a safe abortion. The evening concluded with a candle passing and the reading of stories of a woman who once came needed the services of the whole women’s health clinic Women who led today’s event say although the clinic closed they will continue to fight for their...

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Border Patrol Educates Real Estate Agents About Stash Houses

The RGV sector’s combined enforcement unit of the U.S. border patrol recently spoke to real estate agents to educate them about stash houses. As part of the “taking care of business” initiative, border patrol spoke with 50 realtors about different methods and tactics used by criminal organizations to make stash houses out of properties. So far in 2014, federal agents have busted 49 stash houses leading to the apprehension of nearly 12 hundred immigrants and over 90 human smugglers. “Some of the things we contently remind the public about is to look out for suspicious activity. Whether it be...

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