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Accidental overdoses killed 8 people a day in Ohio last year

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Accidental drug overdoses killed 3,050 people in Ohio last year, an average of eight per day, as deaths blamed on the powerful painkiller fentanyl again rose sharply and pushed the total overdose fatalities to a record high, the state reported Thursday. Over one-third of those deaths — 1,155 — were fentanyl-related, which more than doubled from the previous year and increased from just 75 in 2012. Authorities who had been targeting prescription painkiller abuse say the problem has changed quickly in recent years as users turned to heroin, fentanyl and even stronger drugs. It’s an...

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Judge blocks Ohio law to divert Planned Parenthood money

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A federal judge blocked an Ohio law aimed at diverting public money from Planned Parenthood, saying in a Friday ruling that the group stood to suffer “irreparable injury.” The state law targets the more than $1.4 million in funding that Planned Parenthood gets through Ohio’s health department. That money, which is mostly from the federal government, supports certain education and prevention programs. The Ohio law would bar such funds from going to entities that perform or promote abortions. The restrictions, which had been slated to take effect in May, were signed by Republican Gov. John...

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Actual ‘Goose Chase’ has a happy ending

Here is the opposite of a mom fail. A mother goose in Ohio whose baby gosling was in trouble called the cops for help. The goose alerted officers by pecking on a nearby patrol car. Then the goose led the cops to a canal where they found her hatchling tangled in a balloon string. The mother waited patiently as the officers freed the gosling, who quickly scurried off to reunite with his very intelligent mom. Now that’s a mother goose story. Pun...

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