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North Korean defector begs China to free wife and young son

Image License MGN Image 14 NOV 17 20:09 ET By Paula Hancocks, CNN (CNN) — A North Korean defector has issued an emotional plea to one of the world’s most powerful men, China’s President Xi Jinping. “My son is now four, please think of my son as you think of your grandson and take pity on him.” The defector, Mr. Lee, has not seen his 4-year-old son since he was was detained by Chinese authorities, along with his mother — Lee’s wife, on November 4, while attempting to flee from North Korea. “My son is only four so he...

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North Korea: 3 US aircraft carriers creating ‘worst ever’ situation

Image License MGN Image 13 NOV 17 21:43 ET By Brad Lendon, CNN (CNN) — The presence of three US aircraft carriers off the Korean Peninsula is pushing the region closer to nuclear war, according to a North Korean letter to the United Nations secretary-general. The three carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz, and their multi-ship strike groups are finishing up four days of exercises in the waters between South Korea and Japan on Tuesday. It is the first time three of the 100,000-ton behemoths have sailed together in the Western Pacific together in...

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