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Victory lap: Houston parade celebrates World Series champs

Image License Photo: ZUMA Press 03 NOV 17 17:19 ET By Steve Almasy, CNN (CNN) — Two months ago, large swaths of Houston — America’s fourth most populous city — were swamped by Hurricane Harvey, and people were forced from their homes. The city’s baseball team was forced to play a few home games in another state. But the Astros returned as soon as they could, and they did something that seemed improbable just a few years ago — they kept winning games until they won the final one of the season. On Friday, the city hosted its first...

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DIY breast reconstruction: Device lets women do part at home

This might be the ultimate do-it-yourself project: Doctors are testing a device that would let women do part of their own breast reconstruction at home. It’s aimed at not only making treatment more comfortable and convenient, but also giving women a sense of control – something cancer often takes away. More than 100,000 women each year in the United States have surgery to remove a cancerous breast, and many of them choose reconstruction with an implant. To make room for a permanent one, many of them get a tissue expander, a temporary pouch that is gradually enlarged with saline...

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Hospital paid 17K ransom to hackers of its computer network

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles hospital paid a ransom of about $17,000 to hackers who infiltrated and disabled its computer network because paying was in the best interest of the hospital and the most efficient way to solve the problem, the medical center’s chief executive said Wednesday. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid the demanded ransom of 40 bitcoins — currently worth $16,664 dollars — after the network infiltration that began Feb. 5, CEO Allen Stefanek said in a statement. The FBI is investigating the attack, often called “ransomware,” where hackers encrypt a computer network’s data to hold...

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McAllen ISD Target of Nationwide Threat

In our top story, McAllen ISD is targeted today in what officials are calling a ‘series of threats throughout the nation’. Fox 2 news spoke with the superintendent of McAllen ISD to find out more. Emma Barrera brings us the story tonight. McAllen school board district Superintendent James Ponce confirms an email received Wednesday stating a broad variety of threats is not credible, yet security measures are being taken. Even though the email was proven to be a false alarm, surveillance cameras like these have been installed throughout the schools in the city and are being monitored by the...

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