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Teen To Be Tried in Murder Case As Adult

The minor who was involved in the death of Chayse Olivarez will now be transferred to the adult court system after months of hearings. The minor was accused of burning, dismembering and dumping the body at a ranch near Roma. Chayse Olivarez’s body was found last August after going missing in July.  According to interviews and witnesses, the minor and the rest of the suspects planned out the murder of Olivarez before luring him and ending his life.  Judge Romero Molina asked the minor and his family to approach the bench where he told the minor that he would...

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Pro-immigrant Activists Celebrating SB4 Block

Yesterday Judge Oscar Garcia temporarily blocked the anti-immigrant law SB4. Many pro-immigrant activists are celebrating what they are calling a victory. The SB4 law was going to allow local officers to ask for the immigration status of those detained. Police would in turn have to cooperate with federal immigration officials. If they didn’t, they would be fined or worse removed! This was meant to go into effect tomorrow but yesterday, parts of this law were temporarily blocked. The long battle towards the elimination of SB4 by activists showed to make a real difference in the decision made by Judge...

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