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Immigrants Accused of Being Terrorists

The frigid temperatures negatively impacting local businesses as sales drastically dropped this week. Due to cold temperatures, shoppers are staying in and waiting for the weather to change. We spoke to several business owners downtown who say people are not stopping by and the few that do are running in and out the stores without really purchasing much. Merchants are hoping the cold temperatures don’t linger, they do expect sales to go back to normal once the cold is...

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104 Gambling Machines Confiscated and 2 Arrested

Thousands of dollars, hundreds of gambling machines confiscated and two arrests made at an illegal gaming establishment in McAllen. According to information provided by Hidalgo County Sherrif’s Office authorities, 70 people were inside a makeshift casino during the operation. In total, 104 machines and more than 6,000 dollars in cash were seized. These types of illegal operations do not contribute to taxes, are not regulated to protect the consumer and could be financing other criminal operations. The fire marshall also found that the number of people in attendance exceeded fire code. Officials say two people face charges but their identities...

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