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‘Creepy Clown’ Hits Top of Halloween Costumes List

RGV (KFXV) — Creepy clowns have caused major stir around the nation, as they continue to make sightings but despite their sinister looks, businesses have seen an impact. Days away from Halloween, there’s a costume that is quickly selling out. The creepy clown is already one of the best seller’s but also one that has put authorities on alert. The creepy clown craze has swept the nation over the last several weeks but due to recent threats made against some valley schools, officials say it’s not a good idea to opt for this costume. Homer Martinez, who manages a...

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Design a Halloween Fence Display That’s Wicked Cool

Beware … haunted house ahead! As a dedicated DIYer, you are no doubt already getting into the spirit of the spooky season by decorating your home in a Halloween theme inside and out. But don’t forget your fence. It’s the very first thing that trick-or-treaters will encounter as they come to you for candy. Give your property a dose of cadaverous curb appeal with these 7 insanely inspiring Halloween fence display ideas. (KEEP IT GREEN: Most of the decorations described here can be stored and reused for years to come.) Figures — The fastest, easiest way to decorate is by...

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Halloween Treats don’t have to be Scarily Unhealthy

Not all Halloween treats have to be loaded with sugar, salt and fat. I’ve got some healthier treats for you to give the kids this Halloween. Registered pediatric dietitian Jennifer Willoughby says you have to think out of the box when it comes to nutritional Halloween treats. “You can give out popcorn that you buy pre-packaged in the store. Just get the smaller bags, the 100-calorie packs that are low in butter, low in salt,” explains Jennifer Willoughby, RD, Cleveland Clinic Children’s. To stick with the festive fall spirit, try handing out unsalted pumpkin seeds or packaged dry fruit, it has most of the same nutritional benefits as fresh fruit, just with a much longer shelf life. Also sugar free beverages can be another option. “So, beverages can be a way to go. Flavored water is a really good one. They have a bunch of flavors out there now that are all sugar-free and natural and that way the kids can choose their flavor and even stay hydrated. They might drink more water as opposed to eating the candy while they’re trick or treating,” adds...

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Additional Victims Coming Forward in San Juan Child Indecency Case

A fugitive wanted on several child indecency charges is behind bars. Now police say two more victims have come forward. “These are usually people in your community that you wouldn’t even imagine,” explains Juan Gonzalez, San Juan chief of police. Who San Juan chief of police Juan Gonzalez is referring to is Gregorio Nava, in a case that has stunned the community. 12 charges of indecency with a child. All of his victims are within the ages of 7 to 12 years old. “We had several complaints and we are glad the kids spoke out,” Investigators soon determined that...

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