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Update on the Mexico Earthquake Aftermath

A hotline is available to help inform people in the U.S. in regards to the earthquake situation occurring in Mexico by the minute. The number is 1-855-463-6395. On this hotline, residents can obtain information regarding their family members. They will be informed if they are in the hospital or where they are located. The service known as C.I.A.M. Is provided by the Mexican government and has 40 operators that are working 24 hours a day. The intense earthquake has torn down dozens of buildings in the Mexican capital. Due to this, the Mexican government has now updated a map...

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Earthquake Hits Mexico City

More than 143 people are dead after a 7,1 magnitude quake hit mexico this afternoon. We spoke to a Mexico City resident who was working at the time of the incident. In less than two weeks, Mexico has seen two powerful earthquakes that have left more than 200 dead. This afternoon’s event can only be described as a horrific experience by those affected. This earthquake happens exactly 32 years from Mexico’s deadliest quake that killed thousands. Roberto David Smith Jimenez, tells FOX, since that date, drills are practiced yearly. Jimenez, says that despite feeling the tremor, overall the area...

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Aftershocks rattle Italian quake zone; toll rises to 250

PESCARA DEL TRONO, Italy (AP) — Aftershocks in central Italy rattled residents and rescue workers alike Thursday, as crews worked to find more earthquake survivors and the country anguished over its repeated failure to protect ancient towns and modern cities from seismic catastrophes. A day after a shallow quake killed 250 people and leveled three small towns, a 4.3 magnitude aftershock sent up plumes of thick gray dust in the hard-hit town of Amatrice. The aftershock crumbled already cracked buildings, prompted authorities to close roads and sent another person to the hospital. It was only one of the more...

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