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Law Enforcement In Full Effect Spring Break Week

As spring break kicks off, South Padre Island becomes one of the busiest locations nationwide. License plate readers on the Queen Isabella Bridge, help authorities determine how many vehicles go in and out of the island but are also very important during investigations, when officers need to locate a specific vehicle. While officers and agents are stationed all over the island to maintain control, tents have also been set up to assist individuals with minor incidents, but those will be in full-function starting tomorrow. Measures aren’t only taken at south padre island, police patrol is also in full-effect in...

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‘Plan While You Can’ Campaign Aims To Reduce Drunk Driving Crashes

TxDOT officials are urging drivers to plan ahead before getting behind the wheel.’Plan While You Can’ is a campaign aiming to reduce crashes involving drunk driving. Spring break is an eventful week for college students and young adults. In Texas, more than half of drivers involved in a fatal drunk driving accident were between the ages of 17 and 34. In 2017, there were 13,510 crashes involving drivers that were driving under the influence of alcohol, leading to 535 fatalities and 1,355 serious injuries. Ana Verly, victim service specialist for mothers against drunk driving, is urging those who plan to drink...

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