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Starr County Elections Questioned By Voters

We spoke to one of the residents, who says he feels underrepresented, after going to vote and not being asked whether he wanted to vote democratic or republican.The Starr County resident, went to cast his vote on Monday, but there was one problem.’James’ says it took him a while to notice he was actually voting for the democratic party.He says he was unsure about asking for help and turned in his ballot and left. We went to the Starr County elections office.They tell us, they regularly visit polling locations and train election clerks to ask what residents, which party...

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Republicans and Democrats React To DACA Ruling

Many might think that Democrats and Republicans have a very different view on DACA but both parties might find common ground on the issue. In 2012, President Barrack Obama initiated the executive order called the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” better known as DACA. In September of last year, the Trump administration rescinded it and left it up to Congress. Politicians on the other aisle believe this is true. Both Villalobos and Godinez tell us that this program is beneficial for the 800 thousand Dreamers in the United States who have only ever known the United States as home—–President...

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