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Patterson Sentenced to Life In Prison

Tonight, the sentence has been handed down. Melissa Patterson is heading to jail for over seven decades for the murder of Martin Knell Senior. Life without parole — that is the automatic sentence for capital murder.  Patterson was found guilty on all charges.  A judge also giving her 75 years and a ten thousand dollar fine for count #2, 4 years and a ten thousand dollar fine for count #3, and 15 years and a ten thousand dollar fine for #4. All charges will run concurrently. Earlier today, Patterson’s mother, Bertha Sean Palacios and other family members took the...

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Woman accused of Capital Murder in 2015 on trial

A woman accused of capital murder in 2015 is now on trial. Monica Melissa Patterson is accused of the homicide of 96 year old, Martin Knell. She allegedly murdered knell by choking him when she was employed at The Comfort House in McAllen. Reports indicate Angel Mario Garza who works with Patterson, lied to the authorities about what happened. The jury was selected out of a group of 250 people. It is expected trial will continue Tuesday, tomorrow...

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