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Fake school cancellation messages latest salvo from internet clowns

Mission (KFXV) – Messages circulating on social media about the cancellation of classes are completely false according to authorities. These messages originated because of threats of clowns on social media, and although classes are not cancelled, they do advise to be aware and take necessary precautions. Authorities say that these threats shouldn’t affect the community or students in any way. The police department and the school district are working together to make sure schools are safe and children are...

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‘Creepy Clown’ Hits Top of Halloween Costumes List

RGV (KFXV) — Creepy clowns have caused major stir around the nation, as they continue to make sightings but despite their sinister looks, businesses have seen an impact. Days away from Halloween, there’s a costume that is quickly selling out. The creepy clown is already one of the best seller’s but also one that has put authorities on alert. The creepy clown craze has swept the nation over the last several weeks but due to recent threats made against some valley schools, officials say it’s not a good idea to opt for this costume. Homer Martinez, who manages a...

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Clown Threats Continue Across RGV

Clown threats continue to be made against high schools in the valley causing alarm amongst some in our communities. What started as clown threats on social media in other states are now a trend amongst individuals hiding behind screens while targeting RGV schools with potential acts of violence. Officer Jose Rodriguez from the Weslaco Police Department says all threats are taken seriously. Officer Rodriguez recommends that pictures of threatening posts are taken and that students immediately notify school personnel. Weslaco ISD recently responded to a generalized threat via social media against it’s high schools prompting parents to pick up...

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Killer Clowns Threaten Killings at Mid-Valley Schools

Weslaco (KFXV) — Threats of violence caused fear and chaos in a Weslaco High School. It all started last night when threats via social media were made against schools in Weslaco. Authorities believe these alarming statements stemmed from a trend in other states where individuals pose as evil clowns threatening students and teachers. However, authorities believe there is no reason to believe these sinister actions will take place. Bernie Garza from the Weslaco Police Department adds “They are in constant communication with schools and units were patrolling the area to protect those in potential danger”. Parents, however, did not...

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