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26-year-old man discovered deceased his home in Laredo

A man found unconscious inside his home dies moments later under mysterious circumstances. The Laredo Police Department is investigating the death. A 26-year-old man was found dead inside a residence on the intersection of Zaragoza and Evans Street. According to reports, authorities received a 911 call at 5:51 in the morning, stating a man was unconscious. There was a male who was found unconscious on the floor the dispatcher gave CPR instructions to the caller and they were administered while first responders arrived. When Laredo Police arrived at the scene several officers noted a strong smell of marijuana inside...

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2-year-old found walking alone in the street at 1am

In Laredo, child protective services investigate a mother after police found her 2-year-old son walking alone in the street at around 1 in the morning.. Authorities indicating the minor was in his pajamas by a creek near the corner of San Francisco and Jefferson streets. The officer that found him was not able locate any adult near by, and took the child to the police station.. Authorities released a statement on their facebook page, asking for help from the community to identify the child… This morning Laredo police identifying the mother of the minor after she picked him up...

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Laredo police arrest a couple after 6-month-old showed signs of abuse

Laredo police department arrested a couple after hospital in laredo reported at six-month-old had signs of physical abuse. Authorities say that the injuries occurred over 2 months ago. Doctors hospital staff contacted laredo police department after six month old child had visible signs of physical abuse. According to authorities on August 1st the mother of the child took her son to the hospital complaining the child but not stop crying. Reports indicate that after x-rays were taken, the results showed the toddler had two broken arms. Due to the amount of time left untreated, his left arm was nearly...

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