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Cameron County Employee Accused Of Corruption

The trial for a Cameron County employee, whose credibility and ethics are being called into question– began today. Raul Garza Salazar is facing charges of abuse of official capacity and tampering with a government record, while working for Cameron County Commissioner, Ernie Hernandez. Salazar is accused of manipulating the results of an assessment test to favor Robert Cardiel, a close relative of the commissioner who was hired. Salazar was arrested earlier this year, Commissioner Hernandez is expected to...

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Authorities use Valle Vista mall for Mock Emergency

HARLINGEN – A lot of commotion, and an outpouring of law enforcement stirred up some panicked faces at a Cameron County mall.┬áPolice officers from Harlingen, San Benito, Brownsville and Cameron county sheriffs deputies joined forces at Valle Vista Mall Sunday morning for a training exercise. Responding to weapons and explosives and even saving fellow comrades. “We need to prepare them for the high occupational stress something like this poses,” says David Osborne, Harlingen police dept. “It’s great that we are all working together,” adds Sgt. Felix Sauceda, Brownsville police dept. They add that these exercises aren’t meant to create...

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Son-In-Law Arrested In Laguna Height’s Murder

After a day-long search, authorities have found the man wanted in the beating death of his father-in-law, a son-in-law now facing murder charges. After a warrant for his arrest was issued, U.S. Marshals were able to track Lucio Garcia-Navarro at a local hotel in Brownsville. The suspect is accused of beating his 56-year-old father-in-law to death at his residence on Michigan St. in Laguna Heights. Investigators from Cameron County sheriff’s department say an argument between Jose Antonio Martinez-Perez and his son-in-law could’ve been the root of the homicide that took place early Wednesday morning. Garcia-Navarro has had his brush...

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