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New prescription: Doctor offices that look like Apple stores

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — After a relative suffered a heart attack a few years ago, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Adrian Aoun got an unsettling look at a health-care system that he diagnosed as an inefficient and outdated mess. Now he believes he has a remedy. It’s called Forward, a health-management service that charges a $149 per month – roughly $1,800 a year – to tend to all of its patients’ primary-care needs. And not just with attentive doctoring, either; Forward plans to deploy body scanners, sensors, giant touch-screen monitors, infrared devices and other high-tech gizmos that could make a doctor’s...

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Apple Products Robbers Identified

Los Fresnos (KFXV) — Police have identified two people they say are responsible stealing more than 5,000 dollars worth of apple products. The couple are identified as Espiridion Yarrito and Sheila Fernandez. According to authorities they stole I-pads and I-phones taken from several Walmart’s in Cameron County on November 21st. They are also wanted for thefts in the neighboring cities of Brownsville and Port Isabel. If you have any information on where authorities can find them, call Los Fresnos Police Department at (956) 233-4473. The information could earn you a cash...

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Couple Steals Thousands of Dollars Worth of Apple Products

Brownsville (KFXV) — A couple steals more than $6,000 dollars worth of Apple products and police are looking for them. They are considered suspects in theft cases where I-pads and I-phones were taken from several Walmart’s in Cameron County. If you have any information, call the Brownsville Crime Stoppers at (956) 546-TIPS(8477). the information could earn you a cash...

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Apple urges organ donation via new iPhone software

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple wants to encourage millions of iPhone owners to register as organ donors through a software update that will add an easy sign-up button to the health information app that comes installed on every smartphone the company makes. CEO Tim Cook says he hopes the new software, set for limited release this month, will help ease a critical and longstanding donor shortage. He said the problem hit home when his friend and former boss, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, endured an “excruciating” wait for a liver transplant in 2009. “Watching and seeing him every day, waiting...

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In Tech: Dish techs fix iPhones, Best Buy gets Oculus VR

When Dish technicians aren’t busy installing satellite TV services in people’s homes, they’ll be making house calls to replace iPhone batteries and broken screens. The new program represents Dish’s latest effort to diversify its business as it faces a decline in TV subscribers — currently at 13.9 million, down 1 percent from a year ago. Technicians are also being trained to set up Wi-Fi networks and smart-home systems. Dish will charge $75 for a battery replacement and $135 to $185 for a screen repair, depending on the iPhone model. Multiple repairs on the same visit are cheaper because the...

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