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New Regulations on Disposal of Fetal Tissue Cause Controversy

Texas (KFXV) — Proposed this summer by the state’s health department and now a rule that will requires women to bury or cremate fetal tissue after an abortion. Governor Greg Abbott has said he agrees with the rule and hopes legislators will make it a law this coming legislative session. Tomorrow will mark 5 months since the regulation was proposed. It’s been finalized and will go into effect in 20 days and pro-choice organizations are fighting back calling it ‘unconstitutional’. Texas health officials arguing the ‘enhanced protection of the health and safety of the public’. We looked into the...

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Abortion Re-education case presented to Mexico’s Supreme Court

MEXICO CITY (AP) — When Patricia Mendez miscarried in March 2015, she says police and detectives were called into the hospital ward to watch as she writhed in pain and expelled the dead, 20-week fetus. “I was naked, with just the robe they give you, and I had all of them around as I miscarried,” the 21-year-old recalled. “I was in a lot of pain, but nobody did anything. They just said, ‘Confess, you have committed the worst sin in the world.'” Eighteen of Mexico’s 32 states have passed so-called right-to-life measures that have drawn criticism from women’s rights...

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Democrats seek repeal of ban on federal funding of abortion

NEW YORK (AP) — The law that bans federal funding for Medicaid coverage of most abortions is now in the spotlight some 40 years after it was passed by Congress, emerging as an election issue in the national debate over the procedure. First approved in 1976, and renewed annually ever since as part of the congressional appropriations process, the Hyde Amendment makes exceptions in cases of rape or incest, or when a pregnancy endangers a women’s life. For most of its existence, the amendment had broad bipartisan support in Congress, but that’s now changed. At their recent national convention,...

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Supreme Court ruling imperils abortion laws in many states

NEW YORK (AP) — By striking down tough abortion restrictions in Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court has emboldened abortion-rights activists nationwide and imperiled a range of anti-abortion laws in numerous states. Many anti-abortion leaders were openly disappointed, bracing for the demise of restrictions that they had worked vigorously to enact over the past few years. The Supreme Court has decided “the abortion industry will continue to reign unchecked as mothers are subjected to subpar conditions,” said Heather Weininger, executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life. On the other side of the debate, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards hailed the...

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South Carolina passes bill banning abortion after 19 weeks

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina Legislature passed a bill Tuesday prohibiting abortion after 19 weeks, becoming the 17th state to pass the restrictive ban. The legislation will now head to Gov. Nikki Haley’s desk. The Republican said in March she will almost certainly sign it, but wants to look at the details once it reaches her. Similar laws are in effect in 12 states. They’ve been blocked by court challenges in three others, and the U.S. Supreme Court has yet to rule on the ban’s constitutionality. A South Dakota law signed in March takes effect this summer....

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