It was after a week of investigation and the analysis of surveillance video that led authorities to the capture of three suspects.

Lazaro Olivarez, Jr., Juan Jose Covarrubias, Jr. and Artemio Aguilar, Jr. were arrested yesterday and charged this afternoon with the murder of 31-year-old Jose Luis Gonzalez. The victim from Peñitas was shot last Tuesday night while waiting in his truck at an Alton gas station parking lot.

According to police, the suspects sought to steal drugs from Gonzalez.

His wife, who was in the same vehicle with her children during the incident, says the suspects were following them in a red truck and then boxed them in at the parking lot before one of them walked out toward Gonzalez’s window to shoot him. The bullet penetrated the window and reached the victim’s heart.

It was then that the victim and his family drove their Ford F-150 for half a mile from Main St. to Alton Blvd. until Gonzalez gave out to his wound, just a short distance away from the police station.

For one resident, the homicide is worrisome but not surprising.

In the past week, investigators analyzed surveillance video from the gas station and nearby residences where they identified the suspects and the red truck.

Their investigation also revealed that the victim could’ve been involved in human trafficking.

Authorities also mentioned they will not rule out other possible suspects linked to the case.