Edinburg (KFXV) — Fox 2 News continues to follow the murder case of a woman in Edinburg. Authorities are now releasing the way Maria Gallegos died and the primary suspect.
We now know 45 year old, Maria Gallegos was found with a wound on her neck in one of the bedrooms inside her mobile home.
This was the scene of the murder Wednesday morning on the outside of the city of Edinburg.
Officials reporting.. “when deputies went into the home they observed large amounts of blood.”
Maria Gallegos was killed in what authorities are considering a domestic violence case.
The primary suspect of this homicide — Gallego’s common-law husband Paul Fletcher.
According to a police report the victim’s son a 20 year old boy found his injured mother in the bedroom. He also told police he had heard his step father leave the house early in the morning.
Hours later a call gave officers a major lead on Fletcher’s location.
Police say after being interrogated Fletcher who implicated himself in the murder — his motive –a jealous rage.