A suspect accused of fatally shooting two men he claims assaulted him at his residence over a year ago has turned himself in to authorities.

47-year-old Maximiliano Godinez surrendered to Hidalgo County sheriff deputies after last week’s arrest of his nephew, 31-year-old Rene Villarreal.

Both individuals are being accused of killing Jesus Antonio Geel and Erik Eduardo Martinez on October 27th, 2013 at Godinez’s residence located near the intersection of Sioux road and mariposa in the outskirts of Alamo.

A property that investigators believe was being used as a drug stash house.

“Throughout the course of various investigations they take time because the evidence needs to be processed, it has to be analyzed, so in this case, the investigators were able to reach a point there was sufficient probable cause to charge Mr. Godinez and Mr. Villarreal with capital murder,” says J.P. Rodriguez; Hidalgo County sheriff spokesperson.

Both men have declared to have acted in self defense, seeking protection under the castle law.

However Rodriguez says, the statute does not protect suspects if the property is being used for illegal activity.

Villarreal remains detained with a one million dollar bond while Godinez today was issued a 1.5 million dollar bond.