Being healthy and overweight or obese may not be true, according to a recent review of studies published in the journal Annals of Medicine.

Researchers evaluated eight studies involving more than sixty thousand participants.

They were divided into the following categories:
· Metabolically unhealthy and normal weight
· Metabolically unhealthy and overweight
· Metabolically unhealthy and obese
· Overweight but metabolically healthy
· Obese but metabolically healthy
Study authors compared the number of cardiovascular related events that occurred within specific control groups.

They found normal weight metabolically healthy people had the fewest heart related events.
Also being metabolically unhealthy no matter what your body mass index is can put you at a higher risk for heart disease.

A lot of factors impact a person’s cardiovascular health such as where the person puts on weight and how much a person exercises.

Excessive fat around the mid-section is a red flag for an increased risk of heart disease no matter how healthy your blood pressure, cholesterol levels of body mass index is.