Strict Guidelines for Signs Denying Armed Customers

In order to legally deny entrance to customers openly carrying a weapon, businesses need to display appropriate signage outside their facilities.

The law regarding ‘open carry’ denial signs is very specific… I went to find out the requirements.

Roy Balli is a certified license to carry instructor. He says in order to be legal, the signs must read word for word what’s listed in the Texas penal code.

The state will not provide signs. It’s up to business owners who choose to prohibit guns–to print and display them.

“If you want them not to come in with a concealed handgun, you’d have to post a 30.06 sign… If you want them not to come in with a gun open carry, you have to post 30.07. If you want both, you have to post both.”

There are also visual requirements.

“The sign has to have one inch font, English and Spanish. It must be in contrasting colors, and it has to be displayed in the front.”

Lauren parsons, who works at this local printing shop, tells FOX 2 News, they’ve already filled numerous orders for open carry signs.

“Businesses can look to spend about $80 for the glass vinyl and $100 for the aluminum… But the price varies greatly on size, quantity, as well as how quickly you need it.”

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