A tip passed along to Starr County’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force led to the discovery of drug bunkers at a crack house. According to agents this is the second time they have busted the property owners with narcotics in the last 2 months.

A residence on the west side of Rio Grande City, known to be a crack house was the target of a raid by HIDTA agents who came across underground rooms when searching for drugs.

“486 pounds of marijuana from the residence located at 16 Jesus Martin Street,” said Natividad Gonzalez, a Starr County HIDTA agent.

Investigators believe the purpose of these sophisticated bunkers– ready to be serviced with water and electricity– is to store the narcotics so they can be distributed to the rest of the country. But with five people now in custody, that operation has been hindered.

“The first time we actually went out there we arrested the mother and the son,” said Gonzalez. “They were both at the location. The second time the mother and son were also there along with two other family members and two individuals identified as undocumented aliens.”

Jose Guadalupe Guerra Garcia and Jesus Garcia Guzman are those suspects from the Mexican city of Camargo. They were arrested along with Juan Carlos Lopez and the property owner, 50-year-old Maria Adelita Benitez, who fainted during the raid and was transported to a mission hospital. Both Benitez and her son Antonio were caught with 3,000 lbs of marijuana in October. They were both out on bond. All will be transported to county jail to be charged accordingly.

Authorities are considering seizing the entire property so it won’t be used for illicit activity again.