Stalking Prevention Tips

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It’s important for everyone to know that 3.4 million people over the age of 18 are stalked each year across the United States.

A stalker can be someone you know more often times someone you have been romantically involved with.

Many times the stalker is a boyfriend or girlfriend and what is sad is that because it is a someone they love they don’t report it.

Authorities say although you may know the person they still pose a serious threat recent cases, highlight the fact that people who stalk can be very dangerous. Stalkers can threaten, attack, rape and even commit murder.

These types of crimes should be taken with serious because often times they can lead to serious crimes.

The San Juan police department undergoes special training known as the sexual assault family violence investigators course to help victims.
If you feel you’re being stalked, police recommend for you to:

Obtain a protective order
Install an alarm system in your home
Keep all notes, letters and gifts
And maintain a diary of the offense

If you are a victim or know of someone who is, it’s important for you to call your local police department and file a criminal report.