Special Series: With Or Without You

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Social media has become one of the most popular ways of communication with more than one billion people registered on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In fact there are even those who say social media networks are breaking boundaries.
As you walk to school or drive to work. You can’t help to notice how people have become attached to their mobile devices.

According to a social media analysis every minute 684 thousand 478 Facebook content is shared on its site, 36 hundred new photos are posted on Instagram; and there are 2,083 check-ins on foursquare.

According to an article on Forbes magazine people spend 1 out of every 7 minutes of their time on Facebook.

“By distance being dead means we are just so connected to everyone while physical distance still reveals we are just a call away from knowing how somebody from somebody on the other side of the country or the state,” explains Victor Martinez, sociologist.

“My brother was really sick because of the internet i was able to connect with him and see him 2 days before he passed away,” says Flor Razo, uses social media to communicate with family.

For people like Flor whose family is thousands of miles away only through Skype and Facebook can she communicate with them daily.

“I try to talk to them everyday i have my brothers in Tijuana and even have a niece in Japan for me it means everything to be able to see them,” says Razo.

In fact a study found that most relations in today’s society are most often managed by internet rather than in person.

As family and couples therapist doctor Petrie says these social media sites serve as a tool to form friendships and relationships.

“Is a way where people who are shy can go to meet other people and share photos, if the networks can be something will positive is a way where can someone go by knowing who slowly,” says Dr. Petrie, couple therapist.

USA Today reported that more than one third of Americans marriage today, started with online dating and everyday this growing trend is becoming something essential, where in turkey a couple even married through Twitter.

Tomorrow on our second part of this special report we’ll discover how social media can bring people together but it does not always work that way.

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