The biggest misconception about geeks is their size. Some people think of glasses, small nerdy men, with a video games in their hands twenty four seven. However, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Each year, comic-cons all around the nation attract hundreds of thousands of geeky fans to their floors. This is the time where anyone can participate in cosplay and not get any funny looks. Confused yet? What is cosplay?
Just recently South Texas held its own comic con for the first time, with celebrities such as Vern Troyer from Austin powers, ray park from x-men and star wars, and actors from true blood and game of thrones in attendance and of course, tons of cosplayers. But what do actors think about all the attention surrounding their work? I asked that specific question to the portrayer of data in Star Trek Next Generations, Actor Brent Spiner.
Our resident cosplayers do have some words of advice for those on the edge of considering cosplay.
And no other community knows that more, than Wickerwood. With their swords drawn, and the armor on, they gather to battle.
The war was long, many lives were lost, but in the end, only fun was had.
We all have a little geek in us, whether you love games, enjoy battling, or just love to make believe, there is no denying, being a geek, is the only way to go.