This device can be used to make calls, send text messages even purchase items online, although it seems like a little life saver, it can also cause a whole lot of problems.
It’s an issue some-what new to our society and with new applications, social outlets and different forms of communication constantly being introduced to us, how can be stay up to date on what exactly is considered, “sexting”?
It’s a trend that seems to be sticking, but as this trend grows more and more troubling, how is it affecting our lives?
It may be happening on an equal basis, but most individuals won’t come forward to admitting they sext, in fear of judgment, embarrassment, even self loathing.
Facebook, instagram, snapchat as more social gateways open, it makes the temptation to send sexual messages and photos greater and with just a few swipes of your fingers, within seconds, a photo or text can be sent to anyone, it almost trivializes the full gravity of the situation.
Now, it’s easy to point fingers toward technological advancements, but others, like name of fbi agent think the problem should be addressed at home.
Parents can eliminate sexting problems among their children, even dissuade them from starting but most teens and young adults who run into trouble with sexing don’t have the necessary support to begin with.
Although parenting, or lack thereof, has a lot to do with issues surrounding sexting, not all cases can be written off so easily, middle school and high school students spend the majority of their days at school, so what are independent school districts doing to keep up with the increasing trend of sexting?
Instilling a sense of responsibility and acting proactively when it comes to educating teens and young adults about the dangers of technology and sexting may be the only ways to curb the problems that are arising with the topic.