Many South Texas residents still coming to terms with the aftermath of recent floods–the weekend showers didn’t help. Some are getting frustrated with county officials at the response time.

County employees began working to remove the water today; a process they say, could take days.

Residents in the McAllen area are still struggling to get to their own homes; forced to drive through deep flood water every time they need to leave the area.

Some opting not for cars–but for rain boots… For local business owner Jaime Diaz, he is worried the excess water–and its side effects– won’t be gone in time for several scheduled upcoming events.

The increasing mosquito population is a common concern among others who live in the area.

County officials allegedly told residents a pipe burst in the area, and could be contributing to the flooding. But several weeks later, the water is still here creating a wetland area that fish are now calling home.

Authorities are encouraging residents to report problems and are asking for patience as they try to navigate a solution.