South Texas Independent School District sent a letter to parents saying drop off and pick up locations in McAllen are going to change.

Now, South Texas ISD officials have a few weeks to decide on new locations it’s our FOX 2 special report. Mauricio Razo explains.

Parents received this letter on Friday however it did not specify why McAllen ISD had requested to change their locations so we went in search of answers.

The drop off and pick up locations affected are the following schools: Nikki Rowe High School, McAllen Memorial High School and McAllen High School.

In the letter it says quote “We regret that these routes will have to change, but, unfortunately this is outside of our district’s control.”

We talked to McAllen ISD Superintendent Jose A. Gonzalez to see why these changes were made.

“We were evacuating a school, memorial high school to be specific and we had a situation where there was an obstruction of that evacuation, caused specifically by parents to pick their kids up.”