Hidalgo County (KFXV) — An officer with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s department is out on bond tonight after being arrested for alleged charges regarding injury to a child. This while he was off duty.

Sheriff Eddie Guerra publish this statement that in part reads…

“I am extremely disappointed, and greatly concerned about the reported arrest of one of my detention officers. Today i was informed of the arrest of one of my detention officers, Juan Anzaldua, by the Alamo Police Department for the criminal charge of injury to a child.

The officer was placed on administrative leave without pay.

Today we spent all day visiting different departments and making multiple phone calls, digging into the details of this case after the arrest of Detention officer Juan Anzaldua.

Juan Anzaldua was arrested by the alamo police department a little over 24 hours ago.

The reason — an alleged charged for injury to a child under 14 years of age. Tonight he is out on a $20,000 bond.

Fox 2 news investigates and although the details are preliminary, authorities inform Anzaldua’s official address is listed in the city of Harlingen but the presumed crime was committed within Alamo’s jurisdiction.

We asked about the procedures these cases undergo when law enforcement members are criminally involved.

Alamo’s police chief replied with this exclusive statement saying:

“We treat every criminal case the same. They are human,they make mistakes but regardless they will be held accountable for their actions.”

We also reached out to Hidalgo County’s District Attorney, Ricardo Rodriguez, who says he is currently going over the evidence and adds the facts are no different than every case that comes through the court. He says the court always responsible for providing justice to the alleged victim.

Now the community is speaking up about cases like this in our area.

We filed a public information request pushing for specific details in this arrest.

Fox 2 news will continue following this story including next time Anzaldua goes before a judge for his charges.