Edinburg (KFXV) — Today the sentencing hearing started after Gonzalez is found guilty on practicing medicine without a license and assault this past Wednesday.

The defense, the state, victim and of course Nohemi Mimi Gonzalez met once more inside the 370th district court. This time to decide how much time Mimi will spend behind bars.

Arguments start once more. Gonzales looking at two to 10 years behind bars, the defense fighting for a lesser sentence, while state’s prosecutors are pushing for a long jail sentence. After more than a week and a half of trial the state proved in court that Gonzalez illegally treated Corina Rios. A just finding her guilty of assault for injecting Silicone in Rio’s body.

Two other alleged victims – also allowed to take the stand today.

Although the two other alleged victims cases were not involved in the trial. Their testimonies were heard to explain the impact Mimi had in their lives.

Gonzalez is a United States resident with a Mexican citizenship.
The sentencing hearing is postponed until tomorrow with the judge asking for immigration lawyers to take the stand – and determine if Gonzalez’ immigration status could impact her punishment.