TEXAS (KFXV) — Senate Bill Six– also known as the “Bathroom Bill”– went debated well into late hours Tuesday, with dozens of testimonies heard– now it’s headed to the full Texas Senate.

Although much of the action is taking place at the state capitol, organizations in the RGV are speaking up against Democratic Senator, Eddie Lucio, Jr.– the only democrat who voted in support of this bill.

With the battle waging statewide– the Hidalgo County Democratic party met this evening to pass a resolution against Senate Bill Six.

Amongst those present in tonight’s meeting, were several members from LGBT groups in the valley.

The proposal would require transgender individuals to use the bathroom listed on their birth certificate– which reverses local ordinances that allow them to use the bathroom with which they identify with.

When questioned about his decision, early this morning, Senator Lucio told a transgender man, his decision was nothing personal.

Despite not agreeing with Lucio’s vote, Texas Chairman for the Democratic Party, Gilberto Hinojosa says everyone is entitled to their own opinions, adding that Lieutenant Governor should focus on other issues.

The Hidalgo County Democratic party is expected to pass a resolution against Senate Bill Six.