We’re learning new details, on an open homicide investigation out of Mission.

As police continue the search for a man connected to the case, they’ve now identified a second person of interest. Freddy Vela has more.

A man and woman are wanted in connection to a homicide of a mission man who was found with several gunshot wounds.

According to reports, police were called to a home on the 31 block of Fresa Drive, around 10 pm on November 19. Upon arriving, investigators found the front door open, with signs of forced entry.

Inside, police discovered 36-year-old Ricardo Vargas dead, along with 227 pounds of marijuana. Now, investigators release the name of a second person of interest.

“We are looking for a second person of interest in connection to the homicide. We believe the woman has details to the incident.”

Hidalgo county sheriff’s investigators were previously looking for a man using the alias name José Alberto Rodriguez Gonzalez. His true identity was revealed as 31-year-old Gilberto Duran-Soto.

Soto is believed to have been hiding the narcotics inside the home, when the homicide took place.

If you have any information that can lead authorities to the suspects whereabouts contact Hidalgo County investigators at (956) 668-TIPS