This is now the second body found in the last 2 days in western Hidalgo County. What seems to indicate a failed attempt by a presumed-to-be undocumented immigrant is another death added in Hidalgo County.

State authorities discovered the body of a man in his 20’s next to a canal at a private property in Penitas near the Rio Grande. This makes the second body in the last 2 days.

On Monday a customs and border protection helicopter spotted the body of a female of similar age.

Both of them found just a few miles apart in the western outskirts of the county.

According to sheriff department records, 19 cases of bodies believed to belong to undocumented immigrants were reported.

In 2013, numbers climbed to 25 and so far this year, 16 persons have been found dead… Weather being one of the most common factors.

Meanwhile law enforcement say they will continue dedicating their efforts in monitoring the area to help save and prevent that more people lose their lives while stranded in the heat and the brush.

Sheriff’s department preliminary results indicate the bodies found had no identifiable on them, which means it will take more than just an autopsy to identify the deceased.