In the aftermath of the horrific shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where Adam Lanza killed 20 children, six educators and himself, there were loud calls for greater gun control.
The president asked congress for reforms, including strengthened background checks, but the bill failed.
In many states, gun owners have more rights today than they did before Sandy Hook.
More than 1500 new gun laws have been proposed since Newtown.
115 passed, of those new laws, only 41 are considered tougher, 74 loosen restrictions like allowing weapons in some churches, bars, or schools.
The law center to prevent gun violence & the Brady campaign give most of the nation a failing grade.
California and the northeast were given the best marks since Newtown.
Gun rights advocates continue to fight for more freedom.
To mark the one year anniversary in Newtown, family members plan to grieve privately but made a brief appearance to reveal how they’ll remember those they lost.
The families are asking supporters to visit a website created to honor the victims: