Edinburg (KFXV) — A mother faces three decades in jail.

After a judge in the 139th Hidalgo County District Court serves Sandy Hernandez a concurrent sentence.

The 24 year old is guilty of causing serious bodily injury, causing the death of her newborn child. For both charges, Sandy was sentenced for a total of 52 years, but under Texas law when a criminal defendant is convicted of two or more crimes, a judge sentences the defendant to a certain period of time for each crime. Sentences that may be served at the same time, with the longest period controlling, in this case 32 years. Hernandez’s attorneys said they will be filing for an appeal due to inconsistencies in the case.

Attorneys have up to 30 days to file an appeal, for now, Hernandez will remain in Hidalgo County Jail, and in the future will be transported to a state penitentiary.