This morning, Congressman Ruben Hinojosa spoke of health care reform and it’s impact on Hidalgo County.

The affordable care act, Obamacare, healthcare reform, all different names with one similar meaning, change.

That’s why Congressman Hinojosa and the Valley Interfaith organization, a non partisan group here in the RGV, joined forces to discuss the changes health care reform will bring to the estimated 285,000 uninsured citizens in Hidalgo County.

Members of the Valley Interfaith stood behind the podium recalling their bad experiences with the health care system in the past and their hopes for the new affordable care act.

While interfaith members we’re explaining their stories, another organization made an appearance in the lobby wanting to explain a story of their own.

The organization who works with university students and community members towards immigration reform, claims they’ve been trying to reach the congressman multiple times and decided to attempt to speak with him today Hinojosa however, stated he specifically visited the Valley to talk about health care and did not wish to comment on the Dreamers.

Hinojosa stated he will work closely with officials from Hidalgo County to assure residents take full advantage of the health reform.