This case dates back to April when the Rio Grande City Manager, Matt Rusczak, was suspended with pay due to an ongoing investigation but it was just recently that he was officially terminated from his position.
Ruszczak was hired back in September of 2013, as the Rio Grande city manager.
Nearly six months later he was suspended with pay, following an investigation by district attorney, omar Escobar in which a city employee failed to report a complaint of sexual abuse from an employee with the Rio Grande City Boys and Girls Club to Rio Grande city police.
Since then, people accused have been fired and charged accordingly, although according to Ruszczak’s attorney, he was dismissed of all charges.
His attorney says they waited some time before they tried to reach to the city to get a response when they came to an agreement that it would be best for Ruszczak to resign and in return, the city would compensate him for his work at Wednesday’s city meeting, although once there, Ruszczak refused to resign resulting in his termination.
G. Allen Ramirez, Ruszcak’s attorney says they are now investigating the reasons for the termination.
City Mayor Ruben Villarreal, tells FOX 2 NEWS the termination has nothing to do with the investigation, he says the city has simply moved on.
Ruszczak’s attorney however feels the justification doesn’t seem valid and will continue to seek legal actions on this matter.