Rio Grande Valley health officials are refuting a report earlier today claiming there are people here infected with the ZIKA Virus.

Hidalgo and Cameron County Health administrators Eddie Olivares and Esmeralda Guajardo tell FOX 2 that the now-retracted report by a local media outlet was wrong and that there are no confirmed cases of ZIKA.

The report sourced a Houston pediatrician to have made the findings… Officials say Texas law requires doctors, labs, clinics and hospitals to report such cases to the state.

“They have to report it to us; we work with the state health officials and the CDC. At the end of the day the CDC has the final say on whether it is a ZIKA case or not.”

Officials predict there will be a ZIKA case in the valley in the future, encouraging everyone with a fever and body aches to see their doctor as a precaution. For the latest information on ZIKA you can visit