Rio Grande City (KFXV) — Tonight a member of the police force is behind bars for being involved in criminal activity.
It happened in Rio Grande City where agents of Homeland Security investigated evidence against Officer Ramon de la Cruz for years until finally making an arrest.

According to federal documents, the former investigator assisted a drug trafficing organization known as the Beltran family– an organization who distributes narcotics to several cities including Dallas and Houston, in exchange for money and marijuana.

Authorities say De La Cruz often scouted the highways in Starr County for law enforcement presence while marijuana was being transported on those same streets.

The documents also state De La Cruz allegedly disposed of rifles used in a kidnapping and murder.

De La Cruz was fired due to city code violations.

Now residents are expecting mores restrictions for police officers here at home.

Joe Castillo, Rio Grande City Police Chief wants to set the record straight.

Castillo says in more than 20 years of law enforcement experience he has witnessed several similar situations but, assures the recent arrest does not define his police department.

Ramon De La Cruz remains in federal custody and will go before a judge this Thursday for his bond hearing.