Representative Richard Raymond spoke with several media outlets in Laredo today in regards to the estimated cost of repairs around cities in Texas that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

This morning representative richard Raymond visited Laredo to address the topic of Hurricane Harvey and the damages occurring around Texas. The representative spoke about the estimate cost of repairs, and what he believed the best options would be in order to help anyone affected. Several areas along the Texas Gulf Coast were affected and were with left with no internet or phone service, running water, or electricity. Thousands have been forced to evacuate their cities and homes due to the flooding and are currently in shelters around the state. Raymond stated the category 4 hurricane has caused severe damage with rain that could reach up to 50 inches in certain spots, making it the highest recorded in the state, which is why several DPS officers were sent to help around southeast Texas.

Around Laredo, several city officials and community members are coming together to help those affected by the storm, and are collecting items and funds for victims. Several donation drives have been set around town. If you would like to donate you can visit any HEB, LISD offices, Webb County Sheriff’s Department administration building, city Laredo warehouse located at 5511 Thomas Street, or the Diocese of Laredo.