“If gender identity is something on the inside. It has nothing to do with your body or your genitals. It’s just who you are… and I am deeply disappointed in Senator Lucio for standing behind this awful bill.” –Sissi Yado

You just heard from a woman who today went to local Senator Eddie Lucio Jr’s office in Austin to express her concern on his decision to support Senate Bill 6. Otherwise known as the bathroom bill that would require transgender people to use bathrooms according to the sex listed on their birth certificate and not the one they identify with.

Marisela De La Cruz spoke to her exclusively and has more.

Tonight several Valley residents are preparing to leave to the state capital for tomorrow’s public hearing on this bathroom bill.

Democratic senator Eddie Lucio Jr announced today that he will support Senate Bill 6 which requires individuals to use the bathroom listed on the birth certificate but also reversing local ordinances that allow transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with.

Several Valley residents decided to join tomorrow state senate committee hearing to express their concerns to the valley senator.

“Supporting SB6 puts us in danger because there’s transgender people all around us. Restricting them from going to the restroom they correspond to is just unnecessary. It’s a need that everybody has.” — Chase Mesa

20 year old Chase Mesa who has been transitioning to male for the last five years Says he fears the approval of this bill will open doors to other laws that the transgender community may find discriminatory.

Senator Lucio tells Fox he wants to make sure there is a balance of safety and privacy for the transgender community in the state. As this battle wages on in Texas, the US Supreme Court rejected a transgender bathroom rights case of a seventeen-year-old Virginia student setting it back to a lower court.