In Huntsville, a Raymondville native was executed tonight, convicted of murdering a boy in Donna back in the nineties.

38 year old Pablo Vasquez was executed just hours ago for the murder of a 12 year old boy almost 18 years ago.

On the night of April 17th investigators say Vasquez kill 12 year old David Cardenas after coming back from a party where he consumed drugs and alcohol. The suspect hit Cardenas with a pipe, cut his throat, and then drank his blood. He then cut off the victim’s arms and tried to bury his body with the help of his cousin, then 15 year old, Andy Chapa. Both men and then moved Cardenas body to an abandoned property near the intersection of Stites Road and FM 493 in Donna. Four Days later officials found Cardenas’s mutilated body and were able to locate Vasquez and Chapa who detectives say fled to Houston after committing the crime and then admitting to the killing.

Before his execution tonight Vasquez had been in prison since his capture in 1998 and fighting to appeal his death sentence on multiple occasions arguing that he was mentally ill. However tonight, his execution took place at the Huntsville prison by lethal injection.

In his last statement, Vasquez apologized to the victim’s family.

Vasquez is the sixth prisoner to be executed in the state of Texas so far this year.