Nearly 8 hours after his detention at the McAllen Miller International airport after attempting to board a plane without proper documentation José Antonio Vargas was released.

“He has been released, we don’t know under what circumstances,” explains Tania Chavez, special events coordinator.

Tania Chavez has worked side by side with José Antonio Vargas since last week.

Chavez as many other human rights activist held a protest after Vargas’ arrest this morning.

“I will not feel fully liberated and free until my community the border community and not just people in the border but people across the nation have the opportunity to feel and enjoy freedom and liberation the time for DACA expansion is know and for administrative relief,” explains Luis Maldonado, Dreamer.

Vargas an immigration activist from the Philippines and recent recipient of a Pulitzer prize traveled to the Rio Grande Valley recently to participate in a vigil for the thousand of immigrant children crossing the our borders.

Before attempting to depart Vargas via twitter shared the photo his Philippine passport as well as a copy of the U.S. constitution that were not valid by airport personnel.

Human rights activist stood outside the McAllen border detention center where he was being processed.

Authorities have not provided any details following Vargas’ release from the border patrol facilities.