According to AAA, an estimated of 94.5-million people will be traveling this year. But how do you make sure your house will be safe while you are away?

With so many people traveling, many houses are left alone during the holidays which are the perfect scenario for robbers. During this time of year robberies are more common, and houses that are left alone can easily become a target.

The Edinburg Police Department would like to share with you some safety tips that can give you a piece of mind while you are away.

“Do not leave empty boxes of your Christmas purchases because you are telling the robber ‘hey I have a new TV,” said Officer Balde Gomez from the Edinburg Police Dept. “Do not post on Facebook when you will be gone, because robbers are looking out for things like that. And it is always good to invest in security cameras and alarms for your house.”

Someone who knows a lot about security systems is the owner of a local spy store.

“With a security system you can always keep an eye out on intruders and help police identify I.D. someone who did break into your house,” said Ric Tamez.

Officer Gomez also added to have your mail picked up your neighbor or family member to avoid any identify theft. Also, to ensure the safety of your home you can also alert local police departments and they will provide additional surveillance for your home.