DONNA (KFXV) — This year, two Donna ISD employees have been charged with sexual misconduct. The crimes were made through mobile applications that could be at your child’s fingertips.
We spoke to an online security expert and brings us more on the dangers that exist behind the monitor.

According to the national center for missing and exploited children 95% of teens– ages 12 to 17– are online. 25% of these have pretended to be older to create online accounts.

Experts say that while many teens may believe they don’t face any risks behind a monitor. Many applications act as disguises.

Online security expert, Victor Gonzalez says that in the wrong hands a predator can locate and even record a person.
Smartphones and tablets have made online communication much easier over the years.

Experts add that it’s also important to know that once something goes online it is almost impossible to remove.

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October 2015, President Obama declared national cybersecurity awareness month.
One of 25 teens has been sexually solicited online, with offenders seeking to meet offline.