An early morning scare for one family as three armed men enter a home; that home, belongs to a Progreso city official.

The suspects didn’t all get away, as the homeowner, fought back. Mauricio Razo has the details.

The men forced their way into the house belonging to a Progreso public official. Two people were injured in the incident.

The home invasion happened on the 900 block of Encino Road in the city of Progreso.

According to police, the incident happened on early Monday morning. One of the female victims saw the three armed suspects outside and ran inside the house, attempting to shut down the front door.

“She wasn’t able to shut it down completely so they kicked it in. They went inside and she started calling for the husband.”

The home belongs to the city secretary Frank Alaniz. His wife and children were inside when the assault happened. Alaniz confronted the suspects.

“The altercation began and they started. That hit with bud of the weapon on top of the head… Frank the victim was able to get a hold of a weapon fired it, scared them, they started running away.”

Alaniz was able to pin down one of the suspects.
31-year-old David Ricardo Saiz Jr. was arrested in this case and face aggravated assault charges. Officials say there is a possibility he could face more charges.

Authorities are on the lookout for two more suspects… If you have any information call Progreso police at (956) 565 9266.