A valley architect pleaded guilty to conspiracy for his role in the Progreso bribery scandal.

58 year old Jesus Bustos was charged in a second superseding federal indictment alleging his participation in a bribe paying scheme in Progreso.

Today, Bustos admitted that from 2004 through 2013, he paid bribes and kickbacks to obtain architectural contracts for his architectural firm idea group on public projects in progreso and weslaco.

Bustos admitted he conspired with, and primarily paid these bribes to obtain contracts on construction projects with Progreso and Weslaco I-S-D’S.

The collective value of the PISD and WISD projects on which Bustos paid bribes was in the millions of dollars.

Construction projects include:

Progreso I.S.D.

-West elementary School
-North elementary School
-Fine Arts Center
-science and technology building

Weslaco I.S.D.

– Mario Ybarra Elementary school

In Progreso, Bustos paid bribes to obtain contracts on the construction of the West Elementary school, north elementary school, the Fine arts center and the science and technology building.

While in Weslaco, Bustos paid a bribe to obtain a contract on the Mario Ybarra Elementary school construction.

Bustos is due back in a Houston federal court in July for sentencing facing up to 5 years in prison and a possible 250 thousand dollar fine.